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Hands Free Door Opener Installation, Are you looking for ways to reduce the spread of germs in your commercial building? Door handles are actually among the most germ-infested objects in senior-living facilities, factories and hospitals. It is quite possible to pass on COVID-19 to other people just from the use of the doors in your building.

At Automatic Door Operators Installation Toronto, we can provide  a variety of products to allow hands-free operation of automatic doors in order to keep your occupants safe. These products are often used in places where hygiene is important, such as restrooms, restaurants and labs. They are a simple and effective solution to prevent cross-contamination from viruses or germs on door knobs.

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Dirty Door Handles Result in Cross Contamination

People can pass germs to each other through cross-contamination when they touch door handles, press handicap door buttons, or pull doors open. Within hours a single doorknob can help spread germs through public restrooms, factories, commercial buildings, hospitals, and residences.

Some of the most common germs that can spread through dirty door handles include:

  • E. coli – bacteria that cause food poisoning
  • Viruses – such as seasonal flu, influenza and COVID-19
  • Streptococci – bacteria that causes strep throat and cellulitis
  • Fungi – plant-like organisms that cause rashes
  • Protozoa – single-cell organisms that cause diarrhea and nausea

The best way to keep the people in your building safe is to prevent germs from settling on surfaces such as door handles. Identifying germ hotspots and cleaning

them thoroughly is a great way to prevent the spreading of germs. However, this takes a lot of time and effort. A great alternative is to replace mechanical door handles with automatic switches.


Hands Free Door Opener Installation

Keep Your Environment Germ-Free with Hands-Free Switches

Hands-free technology is becoming more popular and accessible. Bluetooth devices and voice control are available on many products and are now present in everyday life, such as touchless switches for lights and the Google Home.

It is not different in commercial buildings where motion sensors and wave sensors will open doors for you and help keep building entrances germ-free.

Some of the industries taking advantage of hands-free door switches include:

  • Healthcare facilities – automatic doors in waiting rooms, ICU and offices
  • Cleanroom environments – waving to open doors in laboratories and research facilities
  • Industrial buildings – touchless switches in manufacturing, chemical processing, and control rooms
  • Business environments – sliding doors for retail outlets, shopping centers and warehouses
  • Commercial properties – wave sensors for offices, apartments and condos

Hands-free switches have a variety of other benefits aside from keeping doors safe from germs. Some of the additional benefits of hands-free switches include:

  • Improved convenience for occupants 
  • Increased property value with state-of-the-art technology 
  • Compliance with Canadian with Disabilities Act 
  • Energy savings through automatic door closures

Professional Automatic Door Opener Installation

Our team brings you AAADM certified technicians to provide professional service and installation of automated entrance systems. All phases of the project are handled regardless of whether you need a single automatic operator, hands-free door switches in multiple areas, or a complete facility upgrade.

At Ontario Automatic Door Opener Installation we’re dedicated to building long-term customer partnerships. Examples of our installation and maintenance services include:

  • Buttons, touchless switches and sensors
  • Sliding door systems
  • Revolving door systems
  • Swing and folding door systems
  • Customized security controls
  • Hands Free Door Opener Installation
  • Hands Free Door Opener Installation Toronto

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