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The movie Home Alone gave us an insight into how burglars think when planning their crime albeit in a funny way. But ofLondon Residential Security course, neither real-life burglaries nor real-life burglars are as funny as Hollywood will make us believe so always being vigilant is critical to your personal safety inside the home.

Still, this classic Hollywood movie offers a few nuggets of wisdom that can be applied in making our homes as safe as possible from burglars. You will want to get into the mind of a burglar, anticipate his moves and, ultimately, adopt the right measures to thwart his plans. Here then are a few things that you will want to know inside the head of a burglar.


We Know You

Most burglars make it a point to be inside the house of their prospective prey but on a useful mission where you are concerned. In this way, your house can be scouted for the location of the valuables and can be opened in the strategic points of entry. You will not think that the burglar may have been someone you know even on a remote basis.


However, this has happened millions of times before.

You may know the burglar albeit on a passing basis and then promptly forgot about him because he was just not part of your universe. For example, it may have been the man who cleaned your carpets, painted your walls, or delivered your new appliances.

If a relative stranger has accidentally come upon the spare key under the rug, call a residential locksmith to change all the locks. The benefits of changing the locks will outweigh the costs of doing so.


We Blend In

You must never judge a book by its cover, a lesson which you have been taught countless of times. This is an edict that most burglars adopt while staking out potential houses for their criminal activities in the future.

Burglars will do their best not to look like, well, a burglar. They will dress up in respectable clothes, take on respectable disguises like the repairman, and just generally try to blend into the neighborhood. You will even see them dressed as cops, like Joe Pesci’s character in Home Alone. You will then not be of the inclination to suspect that anything is amiss unless you live in a close-knit community.


We Watch You

Burglars also know how to read and, as such, know of the many ways to fool them. We can mention light switch timers, which the burglars in Home Alone can actually time to the last second!

Still, there are other ways to fool burglars aside from the light switch ruse. You can ask your neighbors to pick up the mail and deliveries as well as make new tracks on the snow when you are away. Pamphlets, fliers and mail overflowing on the front door are sure signs that nobody’s home, which is also true for un-raked leaves and virgin snow on the yard.

Even burglars are on social network sites. Don’t ever announce your vacation plans unless you want to implicitly invite burglars into your home.

When you know some of the things that burglars think of, you are better able to anticipate their actions. Hopefully, you can take the necessary countermeasures starting today.