Fast Door Repair Toronto

Fast Door Repair Toronto

Front Door is 1st Line of Defense

Fast Door Repair Toronto

Fast Door Repair Toronto is here to protect your house from many criminals take advantage of older doors that show their age, gaining access by prying them open, kicking them down, or “credit carding” the unprotected locks. With older wooden doors especially, you can see the cracks, holes, and missing chunks from every item installed on it in the last 30 years. Those cracks and chunks missing make your door weak and unstable. When doors end up this bad the frame itself usually ends up just as bad as the door needing repairs as well. If you aren’t looking to replace the whole door and frame then we can work with you to see if there might be a more economical option for repair. We can’t promise every door can be repaired but we will see if it is possible at all costs.

As you can see here; a standard door frame was easily kicked in by someone because of the small screws and wood frame. Preventing this is crucial to safety.
One of the main ways we can make your door kick proof is to reinforce the frame itself with large metal plating and secure it to the wall around it. What this does is force the criminal to break the frame, wall, and hardened steel plating to get in, a troublesome task even for a battering ram.

The next step is adding another lock to top and/or bottom of the door so the tension is spread out evenly requiring more force to break down the door instead of just 1 critical access point.

Doors for Weather/Pest Protection

Does the space around your door feel a little drafty? Losing heat in the winter? Chances are those gaps and spaces around your door are letting air pass freely in and out raising your electricity bill and lowering your level of comfort. Installing weather stripping on your door is an investment you can’t afford to pass up. Not only does it make it harder from criminals to wedge tools in between the door and frame but it also keeps your house airtight when you need it to be.

Those gaps in the door may also be letting in some unwanted guests. While our team can’t remove all the pests, we can prevent them more successfully than any spray, trap, or house cat. There are many options for weather stripping to give us a call and ask about pricing and types for your door.


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