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If you live in the Cambridge, Ontario area, and have recently purchased a home, you may not be aware of the housing security regulations you must comply with in order to obtain homeowners insurance. More specifically, there are certain types of household locks that are approved by insurance companies. Today we will cover four types of locks that are approved.


Before we do, let’s take a look at some facts about Cambridge and the crime statistics. This information can provide us with some possible insights into these strict insurance regulations:


Cambridge Facts and Crime Statistics

2010 population estimates have the city of Cambridge at a just under 500,000 residents. The city is overwhelmingly urban with very little open acreage and a relatively small urban area.


Between 2009 and 2010, burglary in Cambridge has risen by 20%. Could this be a reason for the strict homeowner’s insurance regulations when it comes to locks? Probably not. When we asked a couple of Cambridge locksmiths for their opinion, we received a variety of responses, but most of the locksmiths didn’t feel that crime in Cambridge was necessarily higher than other urban cities in Canada or abroad.

So, ready to learn about the types of locks that are approved by your insurance company? Here’s a list of four:

  1. Mortice deadlock
  2. Rim deadlock
  3. Key operated mortice rack bolt
  4. 10 inch deadbolt

If your home uses any type of locks, your insurance company won’t be obligated to cover your home or it’s contents in the event of a home invasion.


Where Are These Types of Locks Required To Be Used?

Many insurance companies require the use of these approved locks on all of the following home locations:

  • Front doors
  • Back doors
  • Patio doors
  • Double doors
  • French doors
  • Windows


What if You Don’t Have the Right Type of Locks. Does this Void Your Insurance?

Generally, if you don’t have the right types of approved locks, your insurance application won’t be accepted. Questions regarding the types of locks you use and their locations are normally included in your insurance forms. You’ll need to sign an affidavit stating your locks. Also, if your home is ever broken into or burglarized, the insurance adjuster will visit your home in order to assess the property damage and list any stolen items. At that time it is very likely he will check the locks.


Who Can Install the Required Locks?

Now that we’ve gone over the four types of locks that are approved, who can install them for you. Of course, you could install them yourself, but to save yourself the hassle (and to make sure you are installing the proper locks), you may want to call several Cambridge locksmiths and obtain a quote from each.

Having a knowledgeable locksmith perform the job for you may also help you in the following ways:

  • Provide insurance discounts due to professionally installed security
  • Protect your belongings and family from potential burglary
  • Deter intruders from entering your home
  • Make it harder for burglars to exit your home once they have broken in
  • Make it easier for you to obtain insurance from some of the top rated companies throughout the Cambridge area.

Now that you are aware of four types of locks that are in compliance, and also now understand more about how to have these locks installed, you can have the job done and rest a little easier at night.


You may think your home is protected under you home insurance policy, but if you have not updated your locks, it may not be.