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Cambridge Biometric Door Locks

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Cambridge Biometric Door LocksCambridge Biometric Door Locks

Security is always a priority for offices, commercial establishments, government facilities, research facilities, schools, and even residential dwellings. Building owners do not want unauthorized access to the building itself or to some parts of the building. Strict security measures are required to protect valuable assets, whether material or intellectual, from being stolen or getting tampered by unauthorized personnel. For building owners who want only authorized access, using a biometric door lock is their best option.


The biometric door lock is a locking system that incorporates biometrics, or the recognition of unique human characteristics, to grant access. Depending on your preference, access can be granted through fingerprint, palm print, eye scan, voice recognition, face recognition, etc. The unique characteristics of a person who has authority to access a particular door are programmed on the locking system. By programming distinct human characteristics to grant access, there is assurance that only authorized personnel can enter the building or a restricted area of the building. Aside from door locks, a biometric access system is also used for safe boxes or gun safe boxes, and computers.


Aside from granting only authorized access, you can also take advantage of biometric access control to be able to control the doors inside the building.

An example of its application would be in an office. Having a biometric access control system can allow access on several parts of the office building only during office hours then after that, it is permanently locked and won’t allow access anymore. Having a biometric access control system also allows the owners to monitor access on certain areas within their building. A good biometric access control system can detect every access or attempted access to restricted areas.


The other advantage of a biometric access control is the ease in which you access doors.

With a biometric door lock, you don’t have to carry keys with you all the time. Access can be granted by as easy as with just a scan of the palm or a fingerprint. Also, its design and appearance contributes to the aesthetics of the building, giving it an elegant appeal.


This locking system is increasing its popularity and is slowly replacing typical doors of modern buildings.

Biometric door lock manufacturers and suppliers are developing their own versions of biometric access control systems, keeping every establishment owner’s best interest in mind. Nobody should be surprised if in the future all doors around us are accessed through biometric technology. There’s no substitute to the safety and convenience that it offers. It may cost more than typical doors, but it’s still worth investing at if safety is your priority.