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Waterdown Home Security Locks

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Waterdown Home Security Locks

Home security is considered as a good investment for the safety of your house. For this reason, door locks are commonly included in the main list of home security system. No one wants to bet the safety of their houses to any intruders while they are falling asleep or away. Therefore, choosing home security system is a very crucial thing for your home safety. Be reasonable before you decide to buy one.


After you buy the door lock you need, you have to consider some things to enhance the safety such as the placement.


One of the places you can look at is your front door.

It is the main entrance to your house. Installing the lock in your door, you will get home protection. However, burglar or thief usually tends to gain access to your house through the back door. Therefore, you have to make sure that you install the door lock on every possible entrance to your house, such as the windows and the garage. For more safety, consider the types of the lock and the proper placement.

One of the reliable security systems which you can rely on is double deadbolt lock.

It is able to prevent the intruders from entering your house and unlock the doors from the inside. However, the house owner can also get into problem in emergency situation. For the example, if there is earthquake and you can’t get the key, you will not be able to run outside your house to escape. In some cases, this type of door lock is still widely chosen for the burglary protection.


Another important factor which can influence the work of the door lock is the installation itself.

The recommended depth of the holes for the bolt to fit into is about one inches or longer so that the strike box on the door frame can hold the bolt securely even from prying the lock. Also, you have to make sure that you use at least 3 inches-long screw or nail for holding the strike box to the door frame.