Hamilton Keyless Door Locks

Hamilton Keyless Door Locks

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Hamilton Keyless Door Locks

Hamilton Keyless Door Locks

Many people nowadays are making the switch from traditional entry methods to keyless door locks. There are a few good reasons for this alteration. For one, older locks that come with a key can pose a security threat to the homeowners. People have learned how to skillfully pick these locks, gaining them unauthorized entry into a person’s home. With keyless locks, however, this procedure is nowhere near as simple. There are a variety of types of these locks to choose from and selecting the proper one for your home will be based on your needs.


Biometric locks, also known as fingerprint locks, are among the most preferred keyless door locks.

They require no keys, cards, or pins to enter the home, making it difficult for an intruder to gain access. Instead, the method used for unlocking this type involves a scan of your fingerprint. You can set up the device with a fingerprint for each person residing in the home. These are considered to be the safest form of locks because no two fingerprints are the same. It will only recognize the prints already registered with the system, meaning no strange prints will unlock the door.


Another popular type of keyless locks is controlled by a remote.

These are typically used with the deadbolt lock, unlocking it with a push of a button. The remotes are quite similar to a key fob for a keyless entry system on an automobile. Most systems come with two remote controls, but others can be added according to the number of people who need access to the home or building. These typically will only work within a certain distance of the door lock, and make it easy to gain access to the building when your arms are full.


Keypads are a third common source of keyless door locks.

A touchpad is installed on or near the door. The person wishing to enter the door must have the pin that was set up with the keypad. Multiple pin number can be set up for most of these models, so that everyone’s number will be easy for them to remember. These locks tend to be waterproof and made of materials that can withstand outdoor use. Many come with a sensor to warn users of a low battery. Some types of keypads can also come with a hole for a key in the event that the system malfunctions.


Keyless door locks are being a popular trend in home and business safety.

Many people have learned to pick locks, so traditional forms of security are not as effective as they once were. There are many different types of keyless locks, depending on your needs. Biometric locks are typically used for high security clearances, and may not be appropriate for many homes. Touchpads and remote controlled locks are more of what you will typically see on residences.