Vaughan Electronic Push Button Locks

Vaughan Electronic Push Button Locks

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Vaughan Electronic Push Button LocksVaughan Electronic Push Button Locks

These stand alone battery operated locks are generally sturdy, well made and range in price anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to well over one thousand dollars depending on the size and options included on the locks. Batteries used in these type of locks usually last around two to two and a half years. The locks also have a key bypass, just in case the lock fails or the battery goes flat before you have a chance to change it.


The great thing about these type of standalone locks is that they do not require any wiring or drilling in order to install them, aside from the regular drilling that needs to be done when you install any type of lock. Nor do you need to purchase any additional items, as all that is needed to install the lock is what is included with the lock.


The combination is set on the lock and it can be changed whenever or as often as you like to.

There are some locks that actually take things a step further by allowing you to actually preset the lock so that it locks the door at a specific time. This is a great feature for a garage lock for example. You can leave the door unlocked during the day and then set it to lock automatically at 10 o’clock at night and then stay open for the entire day once it is unlocked again in the morning. This really is quite a time saving device and you can be sure that even if you forget to go and lock the door your property will still be secured.


Other useful options include things such as having a light up keypad, making it very easy to punch in the key combination even in the dark, and user time lockouts. This means that you can allow someone access to the door between certain times only and once that time is up the door will not open even though they punch in the ‘correct’ code.


Usually these types of locks are always locked on the outside and always free to unlock from inside the door. This is actually a very good function, providing you have some sort of key override, as it means that anyone will be able to get out of the house if there is any emergency and they will not have to look for a key to get out the door in a hurry.

If you are looking for an easy to install, standalone lock that offers great security you may want to take a look at the range of electronic push button stand alone locking systems.