Toronto Steel Door And Frame

Toronto Steel Door And Frame

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Toronto Steel Door And Frame – Great Combo

When a passageway requires utmost security, there’s no doubt for having a combination of steel doors and steel frames. The steel combo provides maximum strength and durability, not to mention resistance against the elements. Aside from strength, steel features incredible visual qualities, which further enhances the appeal of a structure or building. Whilst there are other alternatives for securing openings and passages, steel is something that can’t be beat in a number of aspects.


Steel Gateways in Action

Both frames and doors form a complete passageway system – entrance, exit or both. The system is designed to meet specific requirements as in the case of industrial, commercial or residential applications of steel shutters, steel doors, and the like. It’s not new to see steel gates, shutters and doors securing many business and office establishments. Even residential garages are almost always making use of steel for its doors.


Steel’s Great Advantages

Doors and frames may be made in variable materials, including wood, aluminium and glass for doors. However, steel is particularly in demand due to its strength and durability. Where safety of property and life are topmost priority, users need not be indecisive about steel for the doors and frames. Steel’s high level of rigidity, versatility, and cost-effectiveness makes it a truly practical option for securing entrances, exits and other openings.Mortise Toronto Steel Door And FrameBolton


When compared with wood, steel doors are fire retardant and more cost-effective. They don’t need to be as thick to be strong, whilst wood doors and frames have to be made of thick, hardwood to guarantee their strength and durability. Steel is more hardwearing than wood, and it’s only enemy is rust, which can be prevented by the application of anti-rust coating. Wood on the contrary, is vulnerable to many elements including moisture and termites.


When compared with aluminium, steel is heavier and sturdier, not easily bent and dented. When light-duty doors and frames are required, users can always opt for higher gauges of steel, which are thinner and lighter. When heavy-duty steel doors and frames are required, gauges 16, 14 and 12 may be used.


Steel’s Weaknesses Solved

Steel is prone to corrosion and rust. But galvanised steel offers higher degree of resistance against corrosion and rust. Steel may even be coated to prevent it from being exposed to air and moisture, which cause rust. When corrosion is a major concern and can undermine sanitation, stainless may be used instead. There are different steel alloys available for making steel doors and frames, and each has its own level of resistance against corrosion and rust, and each vary in strength, durability, and price.