Storefront & Metal Doors

Storefront & Metal Doors

Full storefront and metal door replacement services

Storefront & Metal Doors

You work too hard building your business to leave its security in question. Weak or damaged points of entry are an open invitation to burglars, putting your livelihood and safety at risk.

No matter what type of door your storefront has, Doors Repair Toronto can help. We provide full storefront and metal door replacement services including onsite measurements, complete estimates, delivery and installation. Whether you’re facing a major security threat or looking to provide your business with a facelift, we provide full-service physical security services in your area.

With many locations offering around-the-clock emergency repair services to ensure that your business is protected even when things go wrong. If your storefront door has fallen into disrepair, it is damaged by weather, an accident or tampered with, Doors Repair Toronto are here to improve the security of your business. Contact a location near your today to get started.


Door Repairs

Full Door Service & Replacement

Is the door to your facility rubbing against the frame, making it difficult to open? We can rehang that door for you. Was the door damaged, or does it need a new look? Doors Repair Toronto are at your service! Whether it’s a double set of doors, steel door, or commercial glass door, we offer commercial door repair services for all shapes and sizes. As your full-service commercial physical security specialists, we ensure the d

Door closer and locks are taken care of, saving you from calling multiple companies to complete one job.

We can rehang existing doors that are tough to open that may be rubbing against the frame making it difficult to open. We can replace the doors, too! It doesn’t matter if it’s a steel door, a commercial glass door, or a double set of doors. We will get it up in running in no time. We will even take care of the door closer and locks while we are there, completing the job from start to finish. Why call multiple companies to solve one problem? We can make it easy and cost-effective by taking care of every aspect of the door for you, quickly and professionally.