Importance Of Changing Your Locks In Your New Property

Importance Of Changing Your Locks In Your New Property

Importance Of Changing Your Locks In Your New Property


Is Your Property Secure?

Whether you’re a first time buyer or you’re simply upgrading to a larger property, then you need to consider whether it’s safe and secure. Although your new property might seem all singing and dancing, are the doors really secure? How do you know if someone else doesn’t have a key?

This doesn’t mean that the last homeowner has kept keys maybe a spare could be out there, but would you really want to take that risk? The door locks to properties need to be secure and because you never know who have previously had access it’s important you change them to keep your property safe.

Here at Kitchener Locksmith, our team of specialists offer professional and efficient lock replacements to customers throughout the whole of K-W Ontario. It isn’t just homeowners though, landlords should also consider replacing their locks after a tenant has moved out. Changing the locks will mean only the people who need access to your property, have access.


Reasons To Change Your Locks

Most people who move into new properties don’t usually think about calling a locksmith first, but they should. Calling a locksmith first will help to prevent any potential intruders entering your property. Some of the reasons to change your locks as soon as possible are:


  • Old owners or tenants will no longer has access
  • Peace of mind knowing only you have keys
  • Improved quality locks
  • Better security for your property
  • You can choose the type of lock to secure your property



What To Consider Before Replacing Your Locks

Before arranging to have your locks changed and replaced, there are a number of things you should take into consideration. Knowing what to consider will help the lock replacement process to run much more smoothly. The top 4 things to consider before changing your locks are:


  • The Amount of Locks – You’ll need to take into consideration how many locks are needed for your property. Such as how many access doors are there? Is there an additional side door? A garage door? Is there any other type of access that will need the locks changing? Whilst counting the amount of locks that will need changing, means we’ll be more prepared when we visit your property.
  • Brand – What brands are the current locks? Although many people think locks are universal not all are, so knowing the brand means we can replace it much more quickly as we’ll fit the same style lock.
  • Keyholes – Is the lock built into the knob? Or is there a deal bolt? These are things that could all cause potential problems and lengthen the process of lock changing. We’ll also need to know the amount of keyhole on all type of locks or security.
  • Personal Preference – You might just want the locks changing but it’s down to personal preference as to whether you want the same style locks fitting again. Also you might be interested in having additional security features fitted. Just call Lock Solutions and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.


If you’ve just moved into a new property and are wanting to have your locks changed, then all you need to do is get in touch with Kitchener Locksmith. We’ll discuss with you the options you have available.

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