Door Repair Etobicoke

Door repair Etobicoke

Door Repair Etobicoke

call us Etobicoke Door Repair at (866) 820-1331. We may also be reach through the Contact Us page.

Door repair Etobicoke is a leader in the range of services we offer to general contractors, developers, end users and architects. Whether it’s assisting in the preparation of product specifications, field measuring existing openings or a job site visit to assess and advice what’s needed to meet a custom application we can work with you to get it right the first time. An additional service we offer the contractor is installation of hardware on the doors prior to delivery saving time and money at the jobsite. Complete opening installation at the jobsite can be arranged as well.

Door repair Etobicoke has the engineering capability and production skill needed to fabricate products that meet all sorts of custom applications. We can provide arched or radius frames, bullet-resistant doors, stainless steel, sound rated openings, stile and rail wood doors. We have one of the best-equipped fabrication shops in the GTA area.

Often we are called upon to help architects and designers apply frames, doors and finish hardware to a unique setting. We have supplied a large portion of the schools, medical facilities and corporate office buildings in our market area. But “big” isn’t our only focus.

Because of the capacity we have, we can perform in a manner that meets the needs of the entire project, from those first few frames to get the job going to the truck-load to keep with the progress schedule. For more information please call us @ 1-866 820 1331

Our Products

No matter what your needs, Door repair Etobicoke has all the product line in order to serve you. Over the past 14 years we’ve built relationships with our suppliers that have established a reputation as a top distributor nationwide.

We are proud distributors of few door manufactures around the GTA, the leading manufacturer of Door repair Etobicoke with the most varied product offering in the industry. We were the first distributor of few manufactures in the Toronto and the GTA area and our long standing relationship with them gives us advantages over our competition. Our extensive inventory and superb fabrication facility makes us the preferred choice of contractors, developers, facility managers, and building owners in the region. We also distribute a variety of specialty doors including sound doors, bullet resistant doors and stainless steel and fiberglass doors and frames from several specialty manufacturers.

Wood Doors

If we have learned one thing about wood doors in the commercial construction market, it is that the beauty of wood enhances the design of any building. We supply only the best manufacturers of architectural grade wood doors to insure the doors stand out, are machined properly and are trouble free for the contractor and the owner. We are working only with the best Manufacturers around the city, in order to give our customers the best for their house/commercial unit. The manufactures we are working with are the very best at providing the quality products we expect, and best quality is one of our KEYS for a satisfied customer!

Door repair Etobicoke can custom fabricates new Sliding Screen Doors right onsite. We use a heavy duty 2 1/2 inch wide screen frame, not flimsy frames you often find in Big Box stores. The door also has metal wheels and handles. Our sliding screen doors come in four colors: white, almond, bronze, and black. Also, choose from a variety of screen mesh material: fiberglass, pet resistant, pollen guard, and solar. For more information about the types of screen materials go to our site to check it out or call us and one of our expert will be happy to help you.