Cheap Halloween Decoration Ideas 2018

Cheap Halloween Decoration Ideas 2018

How to Mummify Your Front Door for Halloween 2018


Your front door greets all of your guests and you’ll have a lot of trick-or-treaters knocking on it on Halloween. That’s reason enough to want to decorate it and we’re pretty excited to help with that. We’re gathered a few of our favorite design ideas and we’ll share them all with you in a moment. Most of them are pretty easy to make and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the necessary supplies. In any case, feel free to improvise and always be creative, especially when it comes to Halloween doors.

The first design idea that we’d like to show you comes from Cheap Halloween Decoration Ideas 2018. It shows a door that looks like a mummy. You can get this done in just a few minutes and all you’ll need is a pair of scissors, a roll of tape, two rolls of streamers and extra large craft eyes.  You might also need some adhesive for the eyes if they don’t have it on already.


Pumpkin Patch: Turn the front door into a giant, welcoming pumpkin. Cut orange wrapping paper and attach it to the front door. Cut oversize jack-o’-lantern features from sparkly gold wrapping or other paper and attach them to the orange paper with double-sided tape. To accent the door, place pumpkins of various sizes, shapes and colors on the stoop or porch, says Spencer, who also recommends glittering some.

Cat’s Eyes: Transform a string of orange lights into black cats, and ring them around the front door or windows. Download a template from Family Fun magazine and trace the cat-head shape onto black card stock (marking where the eyes are). Cut out several heads and use a hole punch to make the eyes. Insert bulbs from a string of electric lights into the holes. Laminate the black-cat cutouts against weather, or hang the lights indoors so they’re viewable from outside.

Skeleton bones: Take apart several large plastic skeletons and “frame” the front door with the bones. Use double-sided tape to attach them or wire them together like a garland. Add a string of lights or orange-and-black ribbon, says HGTV’s Smith.

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