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Newmarket Door Locks Security

Door Locks – How Secure Are You?Newmarket Door Locks Security

You just moved into your new house or apartment, you’re really busy getting the power, phone, cable turned on. You’re getting all the boxes unpacked; things are starting to look good. This place is starting to feel like home. That first night you go to bed with that happy feeling… and then…


How safe are you?

You were given keys to your new home by the builder or real estate agent. How many people had access to that key, your key? That’s right; you don’t know how many people had YOUR key in their hands.

When moving into a new home or apartment, even if you had the house custom built, you need to have the door locks at least re-keyed if not replaced.

Why would you replace the locks instead of just re-keying them and, by the way, what does re-keying mean?


Replace the Locks:

If you move into an older house, the door locks might not be up to current security standards. (I will discuss security standards in a future article). The doors might not have the correct deadbolt locks or no deadbolt locks at all. In that case, you would need to replace them with new secure door locks. But be careful where you get these “New Locks” from. If you go to the “Big Box” stores, look through their locks, you will find that many of them have the same Key Code. This means that someone else might have a key to your house and you might have a key to their house. It is best to buy your locks from a company that will register your key codes to you and you alone. Yes this may cost you more money… How much is your safety worth?


Re-Key the Locks:

Even if you move into a brand new house, you should have the door locks Re-Keyed. This is the process where a locksmith comes to your house and takes apart the locks. The locksmith then puts new locking pins into your locks and cuts new keys that match the locking pins.

Any old keys that used to open your locks, will not work any longer. This means that any carpenters, plumbers, etc. who had your keys, those keys will no longer work in your re-keyed locks. You can now be secure in knowing that the only keys to your new house are in your possession.

I hope this article will cause everyone to think about the door locks in their homes. Even if you lived in your home for the past 10 years, ask yourself this question: