Hamilton Lock Problems

Hamilton Lock Problems

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Hamilton Lock Problems

How to Troubleshoot and Correct Lock Problems

Have you recently had problems with your lock? It can be very frustrating to have lock problems. The cool thing is that you can easily troubleshoot the problem and correct it. Here is how you should go about the process of troubleshooting and correcting the problem.


How to troubleshoot lock problems

One of the major problems that locks have is the breaking of the locks. To check if the lock has broken you need to Hamilton Lock Problemsinsert the key into the lock. If the key turns but it doesn’t operate the lock bolt, chances are very high that the lock mechanism is broken. Here you should remove the lock mechanism and have it repaired or replaced.

To remove the mortise lock-set cylinder for repair you should first remove the deadbolt knob by loosening the setscrew in the sleeve of the knob using a standard screwdriver.

To remove the rest of the mortise lock set you should take off the interior knob, the exterior handle and the trim. You should then remove the face plate and strike plate by removing their screws.


Other lock problems

The key can also be the problem. If you have just received a replacement key that won’t turn, chances are that it’s cut poorly. To confirm this you should check the operation of the lock set using an original key. If the problem is with the replacement key you should take it back to the store where you had it cut.

If the key turns with a lot of effort, the lock maybe having lubrication problems. Here you should lubricate the lock mechanism with silicone spray or graphite powder. You should inject the lubricant into the keyway and then work the key back and forth in order to distribute the lubricant.

If the latch bolt doesn’t extend fully, the mortise might not be deep enough. To correct the problem you should remove the strike plate and bore the hole deeper.

If your key doesn’t fit into the lock or fails to turn and you have been having wet, freezing weather, the lock might be frozen. To solve this problem you should spray a lock de-ice into the key slot. You can also warm the lock with a hair dryer.



These are some of the problems that locks have. If your locking system has a problem and you are unable to correct it, always hire the services of a locksmith.


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