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Keyless Lock Kitchener

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Keyless Door Locks Make Changing Access Rights Much Easier

Keyless door locks accept credentials other than the traditional metal key. The advantage becomes apparent when it’s time to “change the locks”. In the past, building owners would literally have to dismantle the old locks, install new ones and distribute new keys. This is extremely inefficient compared to keyless door locks that can be changed digitally without having to physically replace the lock installation.Keyless Lock Kitchener

There are a number of occasions where building managers have to change the locks. It could be that a set of master keys are missing and there is a looming danger of building invasion. It could be that an employee quit their job and did not bother to return their keys. With keyless door locks, only a physically damaged lock would merit its actual replacement. Otherwise, the key can be changed digitally using the access panel or a computer.

Even a broken lock is more convenient with keyless locks since there’s no need to redistribute or even reprogram keys. Instead the new lock can be programmed to accept the old keys, which adds an a higher level of convenience for building and security administrators.

For keyless locks that accept PIN codes, changing the locks can be as easy as emailing the new code to relevant parties. For sophisticated locks that use prox cards or key fobs, changing the locks means a simple reprogramming of the access keys. Other systems use biometrics. In this case, the biometric scans can be added or removed from the system’s database in a matter of seconds.


Selecting The Right Keyless Lock

Going for a month long summer vacation visit to your hometown and scared that the big lock on the door would invite thief and robbers?

Well most of us even cancel our plans or limit them to a few days afraid that the lock may be broken easily and someone would sneak away all your precious belongings. With the advancement in technology, another wonder that is physically implemented and gaining popularity is the keyless door locks. It is basically a technique in which the locks are not required. And there is no key to open them. These locks look different and can be opened by some code or magnetic chip. These codes may be very simple to remember and in some cases may be very complicated to retain in the human brain. Some of these may even have a key as the last option to open the door.


There are indeed pros and cons of this technology as well.

You are freed from the responsibility of carrying the house key everywhere you go and several copies to be distributed amongst different housemates. With the keyless door system, a simple code to be retained by everyone and you can easily get into the house. This is also a scare for many people. The code if traced by someone would leave you feeling insecure regarding the safety of your house. Also the backup key should be kept at a place that you do not forget. Apart from this, another disadvantage is that these locks can be tarnished due to the effect of the weather and rain and dust. In such cases, it may not function as desired and a professional will have to be called to mend the problem.


Investing money on keyless door locks is entirely the consumer’s decision.

To begin with, it is not cheap. You need to shell out money from your pocket to get the keyless door locks installed. These start from around a hundred bucks and can be as expensive as five hundred bucks. So if you have money to spend, start from getting it installed at a single place for the very first time. You need to see if it suits your lifestyle and is more convenient to you than the conventional lock and key system. With the huge market for the keyless door locks, also keep your eyes open for the most trusted and reliable company that has the best customer reviews.


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