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Deadlock Installation Waterloo

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Deadlock Installation Waterloo – Home Security

Keeping your home secure is one of the most important things that you have to do as a homeowner. This is not only for the sake of the property you have invested in but more importantly for your family so you can protect them from all possible harm and dangers.

Burglary and trespassing are just two of the many dangers lurking just outside your home. Any homeowner knows the importance of installing quality deadlocks to protect your home from such unfortunate scenarios.

A deadlock, also called deadbolt, can be installed in almost the same way as locksets. The best position for a deadbolt is about 200/300mm above the existing lockset or 200mm below it. This can vary and is dependent on the lockset height and security door hardware.


Use a Template

Use the template supplied to mark the hole locations. These are generally a 51 or 54mm hole through the face of the door (using a hole saw bit) and 22 or 25mm hole into the edge of the door and into the door frame (using a spade bit).



Remember to drill all holes square and parallel to the door and when drilling through the face of the door don’t drill right through right through as this will tear the face of the door. Drill the holes as per the template. Hold the door with wedges when drilling into the edge of the door.


Fitting the Deadlock.

The lock bolt will need fitting into the door edge and its plate recessed flush. Mark the outline of the plate and scribe these lines. Use a sharp correct size chisel to cut out the depth required for the plate to sit flush on the door edge. Screw the bolt/plate into position. Install the lock body making sure it is the correct way up. Now the striker plate will need to be recessed into the door jamb. Mark this position using the centre of the latch onto the jamb, the striker plate must be in the correct position vertically on the jamb so the latch engages when the door is closed and doesn’t ‘rattle in the breeze’. Scribe the lines marked for the striker plate and chisel out so the plate finishes flush, mark the centre of the hole on the plate and drill out with the spade bit used previously. Screw the striker plate to the jamb. Test for correct operation.


Tools required

*Power drill/Battery drillDeadlock Installation Waterloo

*Hole saw/s

*Spade bit/s

*Various twist drill bits

*Sharp chisel/s

*Phillips screwdriver

*Carpenters square

*Marking gauge or Stanley knife



Deadlock Installation Waterloo in Waterloo and has been supplying Lock and Doors based maintenance at many commercial establishments for well over 15 years. Deadlock Installation Waterloo are available for quotes and advice on a variety of works. One of Deadlock Installation Waterloo’s specialties is maintenance and fitting of Door Locks.

Deadlock Installation Waterloo service all areas in Kitchener-Waterloo Region, particularly industrial estates and commercial buildings. We are also fully equipped and experienced in domestic home maintenance. Deadlock Installation Waterloo are committed to completing works in a manner which suits the particular working environment, with a high priority on safety and communication, as well as a high quality finish that satisfies both the client and us.


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