Choose The Right Kitchener Door

Choose The Right Kitchener Door

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Choose The Right Kitchener Door

Just a little education can save you money and maybe your life when selecting a lock for your front door. There are two ways to handle this; one way would be to call a locksmith and have the selection and the installation done for you at a very high cost. The other way is “Do it Yourself”: you will save a lot of money and you can choose the security you need. The installation is not as hard as you might think.

If you already have a door and deadbolt lock on your front door then to change them out to a more secure door set is very easy. You should change both at the same time, this will assure that they have the same finish and are the same security level.

For medium security you can purchase your “Door Set” at a big box retailer. If you want a higher security door set, then you need to find a specialty Lock Company, the internet would be a good place to start.

There are some decisions that you will have to make when choosing your lock set: Choose The Right Kitchener Door

  • Do you want the door and deadbolt lock to open with the same key, this is called keyed alike
  • The finish (color) of the locks and is it guaranteed not to tarnish.
  • How many cut keys will you need, make sure you keep control of all your keys
  • Quality and workmanship, they should be made out of high security materials, like steel and have the interior mechanisms guarded
  • The locking bolt should extend at least one inch into the door jam
  • Both should be anti-picking and anti-bumping
  • Should the deadbolt lock operate with a key on both the outside and inside, or should the inside operate with a thumb turn
  • Ease of installation


Once you have made your selection you will remove the old lock set and replace it with the newly purchased set. Take your time and follow the installation directions. After you are finished and it works, are you finished? No, remember the keys, it doesn’t matter what type of locks are on your front door, if you don’t control your keys you can’t control your security. This means that if you have 6 keys when you purchased your locks, then you should be able to account for those keys at all time.

The theme in this article and others that I have written is the same “Key Control”.