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Uncommon Tools Used by Locksmiths 24 Hour Locksmith Waterdown

From time immemorial man has been using different tools to assist him in his daily chores. Right from the time fire was invented followed by the wheel; tools have been a source of comfort for the working hand. Tools used by locksmiths are no exception to this nature of innovation. Tools used by locksmiths have been constantly evolving and thus taking the locksmiths itself into newer and wider horizons. The scope of the jobs that locksmiths do has been ever expanding.


Although the underlying basic principles are the same there is very little semblance between tools used by locksmiths of the past and tools used by locksmiths now. With technology going places newer tools used by locksmiths are in demand for use and innovation. With the new tools that are in place the scope of tasks locksmiths can do has been ever expanding and is only bound to expand further with passing of time.


What does a locksmith do for starters?

Like we have now come to realize they don’t just break locks they do everything from office security audits to rekeying locks at home, from devising methods to enhance security of apartments to bailing you out of a lost key situation, from keeping track of radars and sensors to creating chip level lock and key systems for national security interests, they’ve done it all in our times and are only bound to do more in future. It is precisely for this reason that locksmiths are fast becoming recognized as security engineers rather than just being given the humble tag of locksmiths.


When it comes to the uncommon tools used by locksmiths they can range from items as hilarious as a hairpin to as sophisticated as a computer chip. Let’s look at some of these tools in detail and understand the genius that goes behind the technology of using these tools. Before we delve deep the reason why we are discussing this is because there is also this technology of rekeying house locks that our innovative locksmiths have come up with and it is this task mainly that uses uncommon tools. Wisdom from the east has spoken of every minute phenomenon and there is a saying from the Vedic era which goes to say that for a skillful man even a blade of grass is an effective tool and weapon, true to this, locksmiths put use the most uncommon tools to the job that they have set to achieve. Including humble tools like chisels and hand screwdrivers a host of other tools are used by locksmiths.


Some of these tools are:

  • Professional Plug spinners – used to move the plug of a lock to the opposite side when you have wrongly picked a lock and the lock gets jammed, the shear is adjusted in way that you can use the lock without picking it again
  • LAB Locksmith Lube: a lock easing lubricant that is manufactured using DuPont Teflon Powder. Unlike graphite this lube does not mold up thus making it easy to pick the lock by dealing with friction
  • Locksmith Car Light- used extensively by automobile locksmithing experts to identify the linkage rod guard plates and sensitive components inside the car door and work after determining the target area and thus minimize any possible damages to panels or wire tangles
  • The Keycheck – a tool that is uses to match with the right blank each time the tool is used.
  • Slim-Jims and pick guns
  • Locksmith tweezers & turning tools – used mainly to open locks
  • Common nail hammers
  • Pry Bars
  • Magnetic hammers
  • Electric drills
  • Key decoders
  • Gas cap key
  • Cylinder cap removal tools
  • Follower remover pins
  • Window crank tools
  • Pinning blocks
  • Lock and safe scopes
  • Pick guns
  • Key machines, and key blanks


The list is exhaustive.

These tools are used not just to master the art of Locksmithing but also push the realm of Locksmithing beyond just opening locks. Sophisticated security systems are actually a result of these humble tools that find their way out of the tool kit of locksmiths and create great security devices that stand the test of time and place.