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Mortise Lock Bolton

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Mortise Lock Bolton are most commonly found on older homes but they have become popular again over the last decade. Today, they are most often added to upscale homes and commercial properties. These particular locks are heavy-duty and many of them have very ornate, decorative designs that add an attractive touch to the exterior of a home’s door.


What Is A Mortise Lock?

Mortise Lock Bolton enhance home security because they are extremely durable and hard to break through. These mechanisms require that a pocket–a rectangular hole known as the mortise–be cut into the edge of the door where it will be installed. These locks can also be used on furniture, like chests or wardrobes, and would require the same type of installation.


4 Main Mortise Components

They are composed of four main parts that make up a mortise:

Lock Body  Mortise Lock Bolton

The body of this type of lock is the part that is housed inside of the pocket, or mortise, that is cut into the frame of the door.

Lock Trim  

This is the part of the lock that actually opens the doors. This can be a lever, doorknob, handle, or whatever you choose. There are many different designs.

Keyed Cylinder  

This is the part of the mortise that houses the parts of the lock mechanism which control the locking and unlocking of the door.

Strike Plate  

Also referred to as a box keep, this is the part of the lock which lines up the hole in the door frame with the bolt that inserts into the hole when the door is locked.


Installation Of A Mortise

Unlike other locks, it takes a qualified locksmith to install a mortise. It is best to choose someone with experience installing these particular locks. Not all locksmiths can handle the job. They must be skilled at woodwork because they have to accurately cut out the pocket in the door frame which partially houses the lock. Installation of the lock trim is also known for being problematic if the installer does not have the right amount of experience.

The perks of these lock mechanisms is that they are incredibly durable, as mentioned above, and most come with a very strong deadbolt. These particular locks can actually last the lifetime of a house if properly installed.


Mortise Lock Bolton Locksmith experts state that if a mortise lock is too expensive, with the lock and the installation cost, then a Grade 1 deadbolt cylindrical lock is also a good choice. Alarm systems are one of the best crime deterrents but having good locks can also help deter criminals, according to Mortise Lock Bolton Locksmith authorities. Not from this city? Mortise Lock Bolton Locksmith also services communities all across Ontario, including Toronto, Oshawa, Milton, Hamilton, Waterloo, Guelph and more.