Types Of Locks Kitchener

Types Of Locks Kitchener

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Types Of Locks Kitchener

Types Of Locks Kitchener

Many people choose to hire a locksmith when they buy a new home. Doing so gives them peace of mind. Some people decide to add more locks to their doors as well, especially if crime in their area has recently spiked. If they are not comfortable doing it themselves, they often hire a locksmith. Many locksmiths have been able to transfer their business almost entirely onto the web. This has cut down on the expense of having a storefront and needing to carry inventory. Locksmiths usually apprentice with master locksmiths, and are well trained in various security details.


There are different locks that homeowners can have installed on their doors.

One of the most popular is the deadbolt. These locks can be engaged from the inside with a turn knob. They can be very effective. Locksmiths caution, however, to not depend solely on a deadbolt if there is a window in the door or near it. Windows can be easily broken and the turn knob disengaged so a burglar can gain easy access to the home.


Knob locks are commonly used by homeowners as well.

These require a key to lock and unlock. Some locksmiths frown on just using knob locks, as they can be pried away from the door if a burglar is intent on getting in. Many homeowners and apartment dwellers use both knob locks and deadbolts.


Door chain locks, despite being fodder for movies and television, can actually be effective locks if installed properly and used with other security measures. It’s important that the chain be strong and short, so that a potential intruder cannot get their hand in to disengage it. Door chains can be convenient in that it allows the owner to open the door a small ways in order to receive packages and mail without allowing full entry to the home or apartment.

A key-card lock is one most commonly found in hotels or motels.

It operates as a deadbolt that can only be unlocked when the correct key-card, which looks like a credit card, is swiped. The key-cards are magnetically imprinted with a digital signature.


Padlocks are yet another form of lock, most often used to prevent theft and trespassing. They can be used indoors, such as for safes and filing cabinets, in which case they will be smaller and sometimes can only be opened with a security combination. Other larger padlocks use keys, with the largest ones needing two keys to be opened.