Toronto French Door Replacement

Toronto French Door Replacement

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Toronto French Door Replacement

Don’t you think it’s about time to replace your old sliding glass patio door with something that is more attractive? One of the best things you can do to make your home more appealing is to get rid of that old door and install a beautiful new French door. It’s actually quite easy to do and all you have to do is follow a few basic instructions. Patio door replacement can be done by almost anyone who has just a few handyman skills and perhaps a friend to lend a hand.

Prehung French doors are the easiest to install.

As always, it’s a good idea to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions before beginning your project. These doors have hinges outside the unit and there are generally two panels that open inwards or outwards from the center. They almost always come in a variety of woods so you can usually find something that will fit in perfectly with your home’s décor.


French doors have been part of many homes for over 200 years.

Not only are they extremely functional, they add a bit of flair to any home. Many homeowners install them in their dining Toronto French Door Replacementroom to replace the ordinary and not too appealing sliding glass door. Just looking out through the glass panels in a French door brings a feeling of warmth and comfort to anyone inside.

French doors come in a variety of styles and can have any number of glass panels. They also can be installed inside your home and are opened by simply sliding into a wall. There also are interior bifold styles that work much like an accordion by folding onto themselves when opened.

When you are in the process of considering French door replacement for your home, keep in mind a few special features. These doors have beautiful glass panes that are inserted in their own separate frames. Less expensive models have just one pane of glass that has molding glued on to simulate separate glass panels.


The functionality of French doors is amazing.

Because they are generally wood, there is a little maintenance involved. However, newer models are now featuring vinyl and metal panels that require very little maintenance. Some doors are even equipped with screens to keep out unwanted “guests”.

French door replacement will make your home absolutely beautiful and probably make the room feel larger as well. Because they have many windows, natural light is brought into the room from outside or from other rooms in your home. They are certainly something that you should at least consider before installing another drab sliding glass door!