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Different Kinds of Locks on Safes

When it comes to purchasing high security safes, most manufacturers will give you two choices when it comes to locks: mechanical and digital. There are a few other kinds of specialty locks that fall outside of these categories, yet mechanical and digital will be your most common choices. You may wonder which kind of lock is the best; this is not an easy question to answer, as it all depends on your own personal preferences.


About Mechanical Dial Locks

The mechanical combination lock is the oldest of any other kind of safe lock – and there’s a reason for it, as they have stood the test of time as among the Richmond Hill Safe Locksmost dependable locks in the safe market.

This kind of safe lock requires a three – number combination, which can be opened by rotating the combination dial until it reaches the number.

Many manufacturers with this kind of lock will have the combination pre-set in a way that cannot be altered unless you replace the mechanical dial entirely.

Although mechanical locks can sometimes be cumbersome and slower to open than digital padlocks, mechanical locks are nonetheless durable and long-lasting. A combination lock on a safe could last for generations.

Nowadays, “spy proof” combination locks are available, which shields the index marks from the frontal view. This kind of lock serves well if your lock is behind a store counter in plain view, but at home it’s a just an extra feature you don’t need, and it makes the dial hard to see, especially if you put it in your closet.


Electronic or Digital Locks

Digital locks are a relatively new innovation for safe security. Digital locks come in the form of an electronic number pad, where you press keys to enter the correct combination to open it. One positive thing to come out of this is that it’s easy to change the combination more frequently, if necessary. Also, if you use the safe often, electronic dial pads allow you to enter the safe much faster than a combination dial.

There are some cheap, imported electronic locks that you may be tempted to get for the price – but it’s not worth it. These kinds of locks break easily, and can wear out quickly over time. Good brands of digital locks, on the other hand, should last you up to ten years or more.

In fact, if you do have a digital pad safe, it’s recommended that you change the pass-code every once in a while so that the keys don’t wear out and reveal which numbers open the safe.