Cambridge Steel Mailbox Lock Installation

Cambridge Steel Mailbox Lock Installation

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Cambridge Steel Mailbox Lock InstallationCambridge Steel Mailbox Lock Installation

Materials you will need:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Level
  • Four rocks or bricks
  • 2 bags of concrete
  • Bucket or wheelbarrow in which to mix the concrete
  • Water
  • Spade and shovel or post hole digger
  • These instructions



Your mailbox and post come with four carriage bolts and washers and acorn nuts. With these you will insert the bolts through the underside of the post plate. There are holes already drilled in the bottom of the mailbox and the plate. These holes match up. From the inside of the mailbox place the washers and acorn nuts onto the carriage bolts and tighten them with an adjustable wrench.



  • Since the Canadian Postal Service requires certain height and distance from the street you will follow those requirements. Mailboxes must be installed at a height of 41-45 inches from the surface of the road to the inside floor of the mailbox or the point of mail entry for locking mailboxes.
  • Mailboxes must be installed 6-8 inches from the front face of the curb or road edge to the mailbox door.
  • First, measure and dig the post hole about 6 inches deep and 20 inches square so you will have a solid platform of concrete at the top of the hole.
  • Third, wedge the four rocks on each of the four faces of the post to stabilize it. Next, level the post before the concrete is poured.
  • Pour in the concrete.
  • After that, you may attach the mailbox to the post. Be sure to lean the mailbox slightly forward when installing it so that rain will run off. It is correct at a level of a half bubble forward lean.


This will be the last time you will ever need to install your steel locking mailbox. It will serve you for many years to come.

Remember to keep your mailbox locked. The mail carrier does not have a key. Only you have the keys. It is important for you to keep your key number is a safe place. Then, if you lose your keys you can order new keys.



Maintenance is simple. Every now and then you can clean off the mailbox and oil the hinges on the front door. Your mailbox will stay looking great and working smoothly. That is all you will need to do. Even if your steel locking mailbox gets dirty, it will always prevent mail theft and will stand up to any impact from would be vandals.


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