Kitchener Digital Lock

Kitchener Digital Lock

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Kitchener Digital Lock

Incidents of burglary continue to increase through the years. This scenario may be attributed to the increased rate of unemployment and poverty happening worldwide. Additionally, burglars are getting technologically advanced with their techniques on entering any house or building by force. With that, home owners must be more serious in protecting their loved ones and properties.

Installation of a digital door lock is a good way to start in empowering all your entrances. If burglars find it hard to break your door, penetrating into your house could be very difficult for them to pursue.

The good thing about this gadget is that it comes in different types which match to the different security needs of home and property owners. By knowing the benefits each type offers, you can easily choose just the right one for that would work best in line with your security plans.

A Kitchener Digital Lock is commonly seen at hotel doors.Kitchener Digital Lock

More and more homes are using this today because of its cutting-edge features. A variation of this uses card instead of keys. It comes with a management software that programs each card to open its matching door. In the case of card loss, the system can be reprogrammed to keep the lost card from being used for fraudulent purposes until it gets replaced by a new one.

Another digital door lock makes use of access or pass code to allow entrance of authorized personnel. With this gadget, you can think of a number combination to set as your code. It is quite difficult for intruders to crack codes. To be successful in it, lots of patience and time must be spent. It could happen quicker only if the code is given away by the people who knows it.


A more advanced type of this gadget is the biometric lock.

It identifies or scans the fingerprints of those who want to enter your house. Unauthorized fingerprints will never make it in. This is quite reliable as each person has a unique fingerprint which cannot be copied or tampered.

Installation of any one of the above-mentioned is important if you want to control the traffic of people entering your house, property or business. Needless to say, it can trim the number of these people to only a few whom you trust or are members of the family. Thus, you get an assurance that intruders are kept at bay. More so, you know that your loved ones are protected inside your home.

Usage of a digital door lock also prevents incidents of lost keys as there are no keys would be required to open doors. Believe it or not, lost keys also promote burglary. Burglars get quick access to all the valuable things they want stolen when they have useful keys in their hands. Since it allows use of access codes which are known amongst family members, no one can be left behind or outdoor due to lack of access. Also, there would be no additional expenses to get the keys copied or duplicated.